We want to transform the way educational institutions operate.

People who run educational institutions change lives every single day.
We want to change theirs

Only 18% of the educational institutions in India use technology for teaching and operations because the current technology products available in the market are prohibitively expensive and too complex to use. The remaining 82% of the educational institutions are stuck with outdated tools that do not help them reach their full potential.

We want to change that.

We want to unlock the power of education by empowering every single educational institute in the country with a cutting-edge technology platform that is affordable, easy to set up, ready to use, and requires minimal customization.


We started out with a single goal. To make every educational institute an ‘EdTech’.

Our founders ran a K12 school for a decade and over time, realised that the industry had a big looming problem.

It was the lack of an affordable and a reliable technology platform that is easy to set-up, ready to use, and requires minimal customization. Vast majority of the educational institutions are stuck between expensive, multi-module legacy ERPs built for the large institutions and basic online tutoring Apps built for independent tutors.

So they decided to solve it, with a reliable tech platform that simplified learning, finances, admin and let educational institutes focus on what they were built to do: creating real impact with their education.

They knew they had to solve the problem, because they'd been there.

They dove headfirst into research, spoke to multiple education institutions across the country, found the most efficient solutions to their challenges—and finally, built Anthem.

Since then, we've helped 45,000+ educational institutes manage and grow their institute effortlessly.

In 2021, Financial Times named Anthem as the most impactful start-up helping United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal to improve Quality of Education.

What we believe in

Customers first, always

We created Anthem after years of experience in the education industry. We know what it takes and will never let you down.

Keep up with the change

We're always trying to improve our software and learning new things from our research. Our product is always evolving with new features every month!

Be reliable

Our product, our company, and our team, are as reliable as they come. We only make promises we can keep. And we deliver on them, every time.

Technology to make things simpler

We're dedicated to modernizing education management. We're bringing cutting-edge technology to solve a deep-rooted problem in the educational industry!

We're trusted by the world's most renowned institutions.

Let's drive change, together.

We are always looking to work with individuals with a genuine passion and interest in education.

Get on the team that is building the future of EdTech SaaS in India and globally.