Manage online classes, fees, expenses and new admissions

All within a single operating system, built for
educational institutions

Educational institutions
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Does it feel like running your institute is an impossible task?

Your teachers are struggling to keep up with the complexity of online teaching

Your students are getting frustrated due to poor communication and disorganized online instruction

You don't know how much fee is due, when it is due, which batches have the most defaulters, and why.

You have no control or visibility over expenses and don’t know where to cut cost

You are struggling to keep your existing parents happy as they feel your institute is not future ready

You have no idea how to create online presence and grow your business

Managing your institute does not have to be headache

Run your institute like a pro. Manage online classes, fee collection, expenses, website creation, and admissions inquiry tracking. All within a single operating system, build for educational institutes.

Automate online classes & student attendance, share study material, conduct online exams, send automated reminders to defaulters, collect online fee, and build beautiful website to attract and track new admission inquiries.

Make student communication easy

  • Share timetable, information, notes, and exam results with students and their parents regularly
  • Share assignments, schedule online exams and evaluate submission using automated grading system
  • Get a Zoom integration for online classes
  • Send out messages to the entire institute, a particular batch, or a single student
  • Automate student attendance without wasting time ticking names on a register
  • Store all student info on a digital, safe, cloud-based platform

Make fee collection 3x faster

  • Send automatic reminders to parents and ensure fees is collected before deadlines.
  • Collect fines for delayed payments by setting penalties beforehand.
  • Encourage on time payments with pre-pay discounts.
  • Get a complete overview of outstanding and collected fee.
  • Calculate lump sum or recurring fee with the automatic fee calculator.

Create online presence and grow your institute

  • Build a beautiful custom website in less than 15 mins (zero-coding needed!)
  • Attract new inquiries through impressive content about the course and your institute
  • Hassle-free way for students to enquire and secure instant admission
  • Systematically track and engage with new enquiries
  • Automatic seat availability calculator
  • Embedded payments for instant fee payment

Control and track all your expenses.

  • Record all payments and keep track of monthly spend.
  • Auto generate pay slips and pay your employees on time, every month.
  • Get customisable workflows for expense approvals
  • Track staff attendance everyday.
  • Set up automatic recurring payments to vendors and pay them on time.

Get an operating system that
understands educational institutes.

Works on all devices

Sync your data across devices. Access it anytime,

Controlled employee access

Set up access-based roles within the institute.

Get a custom-branded app for parents

Engage with parents and students easily. Send them
important notices with a dedicated app.

Manage multiple branches

Get an overview of all branches with a single system.

Back up data on the cloud

Keep your data safe and backed up, with a
cloud-based OS.

Collect online payments

Let parents pay digitally through multiple channels.

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We're here to help you every step of the way.

Get help in setting up your institute within minutes.

We'll work with you to import all your student data onto the platform.

Have a team you can always rely on, no matter the issue.

No other solution was built for the needs of
your educational institution.

You need something that can help you organize your online classes, streamline student/parent communication, tell you exactly where your fee collection is stuck, help you analyse your financial performance and profits, build online presence and grow your institute, all within a single platform.

You need


  • Confusion over schedule and links for online classes
  • Disorganized communication with students via email, WhatsApp and SMS
  • No visibility over fee collections
  • Lack of clarity on where money is getting spent and on performance and profits
  • Zero online presence and struggling to close admissions


  • Clarity over schedule, video class links, subject-wise study material, exams, assignments and grades.
  • Communicate easily with the entire institute, a particular batch, or a single student
  • Complete overview of all paid and unpaid fee
  • Clarity over revenue, expenses, profitability and well-informed finance team
  • Flaunt your courses, faculty strength and testimonials in a beautiful website. Attract overwhelming inquiry for your next batch and grow your revenue

If you're wondering..

Yes, you can manage everything related to online classes on Anthem including video lectures, study material sharing, scheduling exams, time table management and much more.

Yes, you can manage both manual and automatic attendance (if a student joins an online class) via Anthem.

Yes, all cash transactions can be recorded. You can also record other offline payments like cheque, and DD on our platform.

Yes, you can link different bank accounts for various branches of your institute to receive all payments directly to your linked bank accounts.

No, you can build an entire website on Anthem using click and drop. You can use already available templates to customize the entire website according to your requirements.

Yes, we take data security very seriously. All your data is stored securely on a cloud.

Yes, you can send out messages to the entire institute, a particular batch, or a single student and receive responses back from them.

No, custom online class links for each subject are generated automatically without any manual intervention.

Yes, if you subscribe for our ‘Advanced’ subscription plan, we offer you complete white-labelled solution where you can remove all Anthem branding and add your institute branding.

No, you will not be able to host our software on your server. But we host securely on Amazon. Your data is entirely safe.

Yes, depending on your subscription plan, you can create multiple users on Anthem. You can also customize detailed none-view-edit permissions for each category of user.

No, there is no need for any signup required from students or parents. They simply have to do an OTP verification using the mobile number that is registered with your institute to log into Anthem and access all the information you have shared with them.

Run your institute like a Pro. Switch to a modern software that understands educational institutes.